Timbers Army Heartland Regiment Scarf

Alright, so if it wasn’t made abundantly clear in my post about my last TAHR scarf, I’m a huge Portland Timbers fan. Every year the Timbers Army Heartland Regiment releases a scarf, and this is the 2017 iteration.

Like I do with everything I design, I started in my sketchbook.

TAHR 4.0 Sketches

Then I moved to the computer machine with the ideas I had.

I chose “Straight From The Heart” as the tagline to pay homage to the incredible crowds that traveled from around the world to the Heartland to watch the Timbers win the 2015 MLS Cup in Columbus. I used the TAHR logo and wheat on one end to celebrate the heartland and the crossed axes motif and trees on the other end to celebrate the motherland (Portland).

TAHR 4.0-01 TAHR 4.0-02

I submitted this design for approval to the Timbers Army merch department in Portland and they gave me permission to use their logo, and informed me that the manufacturer needed the design to be simplified down to five yarn colors from their catalog. Also in this phase, I decided to use a more athletic looking typeface.

TAHR 4.1 Front TAHR 4.1 Back


The design was approved, ordered, manufactured, and distributed to Timbers fans across the country just in time for the 2017 season opener. Scarf 4.2 Back Scarf 4.2 Front

It didn’t take long after that for a fellow heartlander to get the scarf to Timber Joey to be displayed on the famous victory log. At the time of me writing this, it’s week seven in the MLS season, and the scarf is still being laid on the log before every match.

TimberJoeyTAHR 4.0

Timbers Army Heartland Regiment Scarf

What makes the Timbers Army the greatest supporters group in American sport is their organization. Not only has the Timbers Army helped sell out every game in MLS franchise history, but there is a traveling contingency that coordinates with regional supporters for away matches. These regional sub-groups organize watch parties, travel plans, and merchandise production in their region. There are sub groups from Alaska to Portugal, and everywhere in between. For decades scarves have been the quintessential accessory for football fans around the globe, and every Timbers Army subgroup has at least one scarf, usually a new one ever season. So when I got the chance to design a scarf for the Timbers Army Heartland Regiment, I was honored.

tahr 6

For the front I wrote a slogan that emphasized the midwest’s landscape, fierce loyalty, and the Timbers’ green and gold worn on the pitch.

tahr 4

On one end of the scarf I used lyrics from Atmosphere embracing humble midwest pride, combined with deconstructed elements from the logo.

tahr 3

The front of the scarf features our name and the rising sun motif adopted from the Timbers Army.

tahr 5

On the opposite end, I denoted all the states who supplied supporters to the TAHR.

tahr 1

The fringes are blue to signify the heartland sprawling landscape nestled between the two coasts of North America.

tahr 2All 210 scarves sold in less than 24 hours.