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While working at ZHealth Documentation, one of the biggest design challenges we faced during the creation of our new IR (Interventional Radiology) product was the modifying the body map to allow for more complex procedures. Our first product, Etch CV (Cardiology), was an industry revolutionizing native application that allowed doctors to document the cardiology procedures they performed on a patient specific digital model to produce accurate insurance billing codes. Cardiologists don’t perform any procedures that involve both the venous and arterial system, so our app didn’t need to support those procedures. However, interventional radiologists regularly perform procedures where the best access route to a blockage in an artery may be through a vein. Thus, our app needed to be able to show both vessel systems at the same time. To accomplish this, I  created an additional body map for procedures that involved the arterial and venous systems and color coded the vessels in the different systems–red for arteries and blue for veins.

Arterial - Coronaries AVShunt-Both


Interventional radiologists also perform procedures in the biliary system, the urinary system, lateral arteries, and lateral veins. This mean that we needed a system to allow physicians to toggle between vessel systems as they entered their procedures.




Find the full clickable walkthough here.


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