Taste Test
Taste Test
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Taste Test was an interactive touchscreen exhibit that myself and a team of awesome designers made for The Magic House Children’s Museum in Kirkwood, MO. On my all-star team was Allie Nothum, Robert Koh, Nick Banjai, and myself.

User Experience
Minimize Reading. Too Much text turns an interactive experience into an intimidating amount of work.


Color and Illustrations. Distinctive colors and simple illustrations will help convey instruction and information.


The basic principles of taste. We learn faster when the operation is task-focused, simple, and consistent.

Drag and Drop
Intuitive interactions. Drag and drop is a common user interface feature that has become intuitive for both adults and children.


Height Placement
Easily accessible. All interactive features are place in the lower reigon in order to be reachable for small children.

Task Focused
Simple interactions. Simple, task-focused interactions are highly conductive to learning and digesting information.

Taste Icons

  • Saltysalty
  • Sweetsweet
  • Bitterbitter
  • Soursour

Food Icons

  • French Friesfries
  • Pretzelpretzel
  • Peanutspeanut
  • Potato Chipchip
  • Popcornpopcorn
  • Cupcakecupcake
  • Lollipoplollipop
  • Appleapple
  • Cocoacocoa
  • Iced Teatea
  • Coffeecoffee
  • Grapefruitgrapefruit
  • Lemonlemon
  • Picklepickle