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Ntac IconNtac is taking your business card to a place it’s never been before… Your phone. Simply tap the tops of your phones together to exchange Ntacs.

But what if you meet someone that doesn’t have the Ntac app? We’ve got that covered too, just take a picture of their card and their info will be recoded and stored in your TacBook.

With endless ways of designing your own Ntac within the app the pageantry that once existed in sharing a business card is back and better than ever before.


Just like you’d flip through a rolodex, you can flip through your Ntacs in your TacBook. Your Ntacs are stored and organized by name, company, field, and where you collected the Ntac.

One of the greatest features of Ntac is the TacMap which allows you to see who has your Ntac in their TacBook, and the path that it took to get there. The TacMap will show you how far your network reaches and the Ntacs you’ve collected along the way.